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imgWe are honored by your visit to Divine Connection International Ministries. This ministry is founded on the believe that God can supernaturally provide for His people and He can also cause others to administer His grace in your life in various forms.

Divine Connection International Ministries was founded in the year 2008 by Henry and Mary Kerich. We are devoted to God’s unconditional love, forgiveness and acceptance.

The Lord moved and touched our hearts to begin this ministry of reaching out to people of all walks of life particularly the youth and the needy by providing spiritual, physical and psychological needs.
The conception and foundation came about as a result of the founders going through what they describe as the ‘storm’ in their family for close to one year that resulted in the loss of their beloved son Mark.

God can supernaturally intervene in your situation and can also cause others to minister God’s grace into your life in different ways. We as a family can testify to this. We experienced divine intervention of the Lord in our time of great need. We were divinely connected to believers who stood in the gap praying for Mark and the family throughout that period.
The storm was a turning point in our lives. The pain was great. Mom, will you help me? Mark asked the mother while standing by the kitchen counter. Please say yes to your son, daughter, grandchild neighbor and anybody in need. Will you consider helping others today?.

Our young people are facing enormous challenges and conflicts in their life’s today. You can make a difference by supporting and empowering them with the word of God.

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